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We believe in healing the whole person mind,body and spirit. We provide simple fitness and wellness solutions for you to transform. All too often, we forget that life is not about reaching the peak of the mountain, but about enjoying the the journey along the way.Everything that we need is within us and it’s up to us to embrace the journey where ever it may lead. There is a divine plan for everyone a destiny.Become the healthiest version of you from the inside out. We have the fitness and health tools to get you there.

We specializes in personal training, group fitness, yoga, boot camps and sports nutrition. We are on a mission to help our clients achieve their health & wellness goals by utilizing different training techniques, alongside energy & healing practices to ultimately achieve balance in the body, mind and spirit.

Body Circuit for Her is a unique fitness company specifically for women offering mobile fitness and wellness services in the city of Surrey & Langley B.C. We specialize in providing professional health and fitness services from Boot Camp, Personal Training, Small Group Training, Yoga, Chakradance, Touch for Health, Chakra Balancing and Reiki. We are fully mobile offering a variety of fitness and wellness services.

We use a combination of mind, body,soul and spirit philosophy. Emphasis is placed on all of the following areas of Health, Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional and Spiritual. We need to move our priorities up the list, if we are not healthy & happy then we are not going to be able to help those around us for long.


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We are a locally owned & operated health, fitness and wellness company & a proud & active member of our community.

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